You Like to Sew??

Hi everyone. Would just like to apologise for the lack of action on the blog front over recent times. It was a hectic Christmas period and there have been a number of other events throughout January so I just haven’t found the time to get stuck into another post. As you know my kids are at school and if you have read other posts of mine then it talks of the expense that every new school year brings: school uniforms. Some of us are not in the fortunate position where you can just go out and buy a new school uniform every time something rips or tears or whatever, so that has brought me to the crux of this entry; how can you fix these problems cheaply and hardily enough so the same doesn’t happen again the next time.

The answer? 

My answer is to invest in a good sewing machine. Now I know sewing isn’t for everyone but for those of us who are familiar with how to use one, then they can be a real lifesaver. It can even turn into a hobby, on those days when the kids are at school, you’ve done all the cleaning and laundry and you end up watching some rubbish day time TV. Well you could use that time wisely and sew all kinds of things. They don’t have to be complex creations, just start off with something simple and just practice when you have the time. You’ll be amazed at how quickly you progress and you’ll be knocking out those Christmas jumpers in no time!


I was lucky enough to be taught by mother, who was taught by her mother (my grandmother) who was an excellent seamstress. I’m not in the same league as my grandmother was but I know a thing or two and although I don’t find the time I’d like, I always have a bit of fun with one of the kids comes back and there is a split in the trousers or shirt somewhere.

Cheap Sewing Machines 

If you a new to the sewing machine business and you want to get into it, then why not look at a cheap second hand option? There are loads of sites to look at, within a few minutes of looking for sewing machines for sale, I found this site with loads of good quality machines on there. Look out for Brother and Singer especially, as they are quality tried and tested brands that have been around for years. You won’t go wrong with either of these two as a beginner sewer. Try and make sure you get the orginial box and hopefully the instructions, as these will help a lot. If you can’t though, make sure you are discounted accordingly and I’d imagine that Google could be your friend in this case. It’s amazing what kinds of instructions that manufacturers now have online, so it really isn’t the end of the world if you don’t have a piece of paper telling you what to do. There are also countless amounts of forums and places to seek help and advice. I am a member of two forums for sewing and the wealth of knowledge on those places is amazing! They’ve gotten me out of a pickle or two, and it’s always nice to help someone else if they are in a bind also.


Fancy Sewing Machines 

Now if you have a bigger budget or you are a seasoned sewer (I hope that means sewer and not where rats live, in which case, sorry!) then there are some really amazing machines around on the market today. As mentioned before, a really good model/brand is Brother, check on their website, they have some very nice machines indeed! I have an Innov-is NV1800Q. Now this machine is over £1000 and was a gift from the rest of my family at Christmas, and what a gift it was! The machine can do most sewing projects and has given me the oomph to get more done in the future. I’ve already made a quilt for the kids and they love it, and it really didn’t take that long to do at all. I fixed my husbands favourite tie after he had a (drunken) accident and looks as good as new. For less than half the price of my machine you can get the Brother Innov-is 55. It is a step up from a basic sewing machine and from what I have read you can get very creative with one.


There’s no excuse if you want to get into sewing machines, so go check out the places I have suggested. Would love to see your results!!