Spoiling Children

I’ve been thinking a lot lately, after the recent expensive purchases for Aaron and Lizzie, if my husband and I have been spoiling the kids a little too much.  My Mum always tells me that we shouldn’t buy them expensive gifts outside of birthdays and Christmas. I can see her point as once children start receiving presents on a regular basis they can start to expect or even demand whatever they want, whenever they want it.


My two really are good kids though. They don’t receive expensive gifts often and we do usually restrict these to Christmas and birthday time. However, my husband and I were both keen for Aaron to get into a hobby that he enjoys, hence the quad bike. Then we had to be fair to little Lizzie, so we bought her the playhouse she longed for. We’ve always been 50:50 fair with the pair of them. We spend the same amount on their Christmas gifts and if one gets a present outside of their birthday or Christmas the other receives one too.


I do worry that we might be giving them a little too much though. One of the biggest issues with spoiling children is that they don’t learn to understand the value of money and the work ethic involved in being able to afford the things you like. I don’t want my children to grow up without respect for money and with the expectation that all the things they desire will just land on their doorstep. What are your opinions on this? Is ot ok to spoil them a little and over indulge them as a special treat? I’d love to hear other people’s experiences on this matter. Thanks and chat again soon.