School Uniform

School Uniform

Hi there everybody! Welcome back to the blog. So the kids are now back at school and I have finally got some time to myself. We had such a wonderful time over the summer holidays but it seemed to fly by so quickly. No sooner had they finished school and it was time to go back. Literally in the blink of an eye. But that is always the case when you are having fun I guess. The kids have grown so much in the last year so I had to get them both new school uniforms before they went back. I did a search for school clothes for sale online and found a ton of them at extremely reasonable prices on the classified ads and auction websites. I will certainly be shopping for clothes online more often in future. But it got me to thinking about school uniforms in general and I would like to use this blog post to consider their necessity in more depth.

Why Do Kids Need a Uniform?

It has long been a hard fought debate as to why kids need a school uniform at all. There are many who fully support their existence and use but equally as many that question their relevance and feel that they are nothing more than a draconian measure that stifles individuality. There is no doubt that school uniforms instill a level of discipline into a segment of society who are at an age where their natural instinct is to rebel and push the boundaries. A school uniform is one way of setting a boundary that has to be adhered to. Other benefits include general safety and easy identification which are both imperative in the school environment. A more practical benefit for parents is that they know what to dress their children in each day and do not have the need to worry about the cost of providing a different outfit for each day of the school week. A school clothes also ensure a level of equality and instills an esprit de corps and sense of unity and common interest amongst pupils, something that is essential for kids to develop and progress in the education environment.

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The Argument Against

The arguments against the need for a school uniform a largely based on the curbing of a child’s individuality and personality and that it is a breach of their rights as individuals. I personally feel that this is hollow argument with little in the way of merit. Uniforms are commonplace in the wider working world that the students are being prepared for and they do little to stifle the character of the adults who wear them. They must be seen as a reality of life, anything else is an over-reaction. If you want to read more about the argument for and against school uniforms, take a look at this article that I found: Click here.

Types of Uniform

A school uniform usually consists of a shirt and tie, blazer, jumper, trouser or shorts for boys or skirt for girls and sensible shoes. Neither makeup or excessive jewellry is allowed in the case of girls and there are usually restrictions on hairstyles for both girls and boys.

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What The Kids Think

The kids also love their uniforms because, as already mentioned, it gives them a much needed sense of identity and belonging at an age when they are really exploring who they are as people and what they want to do with their lives. It takes away the worry in a child’s mind of what others will think of their dress or clothes as they are all wearing the same or similar. It reduces the risk of any one child being singled out.

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Well there are my thoughts on school uniforms. How do you personally feel about them? For or against? Be sure to write in to the usual address and let me know what you think. What did you all think about my last post about home tutoring? I really enjoyed writing that post and I have had a number of emails from you guys telling me how much you enjoyed it too. Have any of you also set up a home tutoring space for your kids too? How did you get on? Are the kids enjoying it? I know mine are although they wouldn’t tell me so, ha ha! I’m going to sign off now folks but I will be back soon with another informative post for your pleasure. Take care for now.