Pink Princess Playhouse

Happy son and even happier Dad!


In a recent blog, I wrote about finding activities for my son to do during the Easter holidays. In the end, I gave in and bought him a kids quad bike. He was absolutely overjoyed by this and has been having so much fin on it ever since. My hunsband takes him out every weekend on the quad bike and I’m not sure who enjoys it more: my thrill seeking son or my giant husband who makes the bike almost invisible with the bulk of his weight atop it! In order to save the physical and mechanical structure of my son’s lovely, and rather expensive, quad bike we may have to invest in a proper adult sized version for my husband. We opted for a new quad bike for little Aaron in the end. Both my husband and I were too frightened that there might be a fault with a new one. Aaron could not be happier with his new toy.



Something for my daughter, Lizzie:


With the school summer holidays fast approaching, my daughter is a little jealous of her big brothers latest toy but she has no interest in actually riding it, thank goodness. She’s much younger than her brother, just 6 years old, so my husband and I would never even consider allowing her to do something so dangerous for someone so young.  Lizzie expressed an interest in things that are much more girly, Barbie dolls, My Little Pony and the like.


The Renaissance of My Little Pony:


On the subject of my Little Pony, the brand has literally mushroomed out of control. When I was Lizzie’s age I had two or three My Little Ponies and they constituted pretty much the entire My Little Pony family. Does anyone else remember that there were only a few to choose from? Nowadays there’s ‘Rainbow Dash’, ‘Cadence’, ‘Rarity’, ‘Fluttershy’, ‘Twinkle Sparkle’, ‘Princess Celestia’, ‘Princess Luna’, ‘Derpy Hooves’, ‘Pinky Pie’ and the list goes on and on… Hasbro are seriously raking in the cash with this My Little Pony renaissance. Not only Lizzie but ALL of her friends are obsessed with My Little Pony and each have their favourite. This changes every week, of course, much like the way they change their best friend every week!


No to a real pony!


Lizzie has a good supply of My Little Ponies, Cadence being her current top horse. So, she’s not pestering Mike and I for any more My Little Ponies right now. We are dreading the day that she asks us for a real one, especially one with wings or a unicorn horn! At present, Lizzie’s attention is turned towards a playhouse but not just ay playhouse. Oh no, Lizzie wants Mike and I to find her a playhouse for sale that looks a little bit like a castle, is big enough to host her 7th birthday party in and will withstand all weather so that she can keep it in the garden. Where on earth can we find Lizzie’s perfect Playhouse for sale. We checked our local Ikea store but couldn’t find anything suitable.


Finding the perfect pink princess playhouse for sale:


A friend recently told me about a brilliant website where you can pick up all sorts of bargains and she is sure that I can find a playhouse for sale there. The website is called For Sale and I had a look on here and found some pretty cool ideas for a playhouse for sale for Lizzie. They had one that looked exactly the sort of thing she is looking for and it’s even pink. The best thing about it is it’s secondhand but in as new condition. 



Fairness amongst the siblings:


I like to be as fair as possible with my kids, so finding Lizzie her perfect playhouse for sale is just as important as it was for me to buy Aaron a kids quad bike.


I can’t wait until Lizzie sees her new playhouse. She’s going to be so excited and delighted. All of her friends will love it too. I can just imagine them now, playing princesses or having tea parties with her plastic tea and cake set. Ah bless them, they’re so adorable at this age! Sometimes I wish that Lizzie would stay 6 forever. Some of the things that come out of her mouth make Mike and I laugh so much. She’s passed the terrible toddler years and hasn’t hit the moody teenage years. Children really are the most delightful things from birth to 2 years and then from 5 to 11 years, in my opinion. Not that I love them any less outside of these ages, they really are my pride and joy. Next time we speak, I shall let you know how happy Lizzie was with her new playhouse. Bye for now guys and thanks for reading.