North-South divide in Schools

North-South divide in Schools

So I’ve been reading up recently about some alarming news published by Ofsted about the disparity between the teaching standards in the North and South of England. The watchdog’s annual report shows that about a third of secondary schools in the North and Midlands do not meet the expected standards. As I have children who go to school in the Midlands, this has made me very concerned about the quality of education they are receiving. Maybe our local school does not fall into the underperforming bracket of schools but this is definitely something that I will be looking into.



A Fair Education

Every child deserves a fair chance at a good education and it is up to the Government and the Education Minister Nicky Morgan to make sure that these latest statistics are headed with drastic improvements. Ofsted chief Sir Michael Wilshaw has warned the Government that more focus must be made across all the regions as in his words, too many schools are "languishing in mediocrity". The Education Secretary Nicky Morgan has acknowledged his comments and has said that he will "tackle pockets of underperformance". Some schools have been failing year after year to perform anywhere near an acceptable standard so it really is time to shake things up.

Out with the Old, in with the New

Michael Grove left his post as Education Secretary earlier this year and I for one am pleased that a reshuffle was made by David Cameron. All eyes will now be watching Mr Morgan to see if the decision to appoint him was indeed the right one.