Milking the Land


Milking the Land 

Welcome back folks.  Today I wanted to share with you a few novel ways to make money, or to get at least some return on your investment in the real estate market.  Maybe you’ve bought a second property that you plan to lease or let or maybe have something set aside for further development, or maybe you’re just sitting on a chunk of land and watching the real estate prices rise.  Whatever the reason, or whatever your plan or intention, there is (or at least there should always be) room for return on your investment – somewhere. 

A good place to start is online, which can be a bit touch and go but getting hold of a good verified resource can only be a good thing, which is why I highly recommend checking out a great online classified ads website for good quality investment resources like  

In my case I bought a sizeable block a good six years ago near the coast in South America.  The whole idea of extending myself to such a commitment revealed itself while I was in the Ecuadorian jungle setting up an eco-resort.  Very shortly after I learned that the land on the other side of the valley, which had staggering sea and island views was in fact, for sale. 


After much turmoil of though and a few sleepless nights I took the plunge, bought the land and built on it, alongside the building project I was currently committed to on the other side of the valley.  While it wasn’t necessarily in the plan it was always a possibility that the two properties could be joined in some way to provide a greater experience for visitors, guests and generally passers by.   Over the next year I’d built a few bungalows and landscaped the jungle in such away that made trekking among the lush rainforest a pleasurable experience with various comfortable rest stops affording phenomenal sea views to enjoy with a cold fresh water supply.  

Within that year I had all kinds of visitors with a wealth of experience and skills in incredibly diverse areas, and most of who took an instant shine to the place and the project.  Naturally, I had all kinds of valuable ideas and suggestions that I would later decide to implement, but it wasn’t long before these people left the valley (only to be replaced by ever-revolving door of others) and yet somehow managed to get in touch with me months and months later with all kinds of serious business offers. 

Tropical Leisure 

The first was a gentleman from the States who owned and ran a number of up-scale golf-courses across a few states who was more than eager to lease the land for a number of years, develop it somewhat and make something of a tropical golf course to see a return.  To me I couldn’t see it working, but it was the start of an interesting line of requests. 

Aligning with the Morning Sun

Morning Yoga on the Property 

There was another American, a young girl who was exceptionally well travelled and educated who was also looking to make some kind of an investment in property.  She wrote many emails asking if once she’s done in Afghanistan could she start a healing and yoga centre, whereby each morning the group of ‘healees’ but be up at the crack of dawn to worship the rising sun from the mountain top. 


The other was a solo world-traveller who had been going from continent to continent overland on his motorcycle for years who simply wanted to rest his very weary body for a few weeks.  He offered to look after the place and keep it maintained as well as provide a rental contribution. 

Business Caretakers 

More recently, I had an Australian couple over for a couple years to use it as an existing business on the premise that they replace old broken or weathers structures as well as design and build additional buildings and structures to enhance the charm of the place, which would of course help them see a return on their investment as well as enhance mine. 

The Adventure Playground 

Last but not least, a recent visit from a keen and exceptionally charming Eastern European gentleman who expressed his requirement of a ten-year lease in order for him to bring a team of specialists over from Europe and set up a full-scale jungle adventure playground (great for keeping the kids busy) among the towering heights of the native tree line.

Adventure playground on the Property 

The point is, it’s surprising just what can come out of the woodwork when it comes to look at seeing a return on your investment.  These are not my suggestions of course, merely real offers that have presented to me over the years.  Anyway I hope that helps in some way, thanks for dropping by.  Until next time..