Marks & Spencer

School uniforms are becoming more expensive, especially if you want something half decent that will last longer than term or so. It would definitely be one advantage of home schooling if you didn’t have to fork out for uniforms, but then again there is the cost of books etc. Anyway, I am digressing from the purpose of this entry.


This entry is about Marks & Spencer, and their fantastic range of school uniforms that are both affordable and have some quality about them. My boys love the “Crease Resistant Flat Front”, so their Grandmother can’t iron the creases into them. They used to hate it when she did that. They might appreciate it one day.  I love the easy to iron shirts when I am running a bit late in the morning. Takes 2 minutes! Shoes are pretty decent at Marks & Spencer as well.



Marks & Spencer also do some great “playground proof coats”. Again they look very smart but there is a toughness about them that will make your kids jobs of wrecking everything just that little bit harder. Items like underwear etc can be found a lot cheaper elsewhere and the quality isn’t too much different, but everything “on the top” I would use Marks & Spencer for everything. I highly recommend them. I used to shop for cheaper alternatives but would find myself having to go back and forth when seams would come undone and other things would go wrong. I do that much less now, if at all.


They used to be seen as uncool when I was at school, but times have changed and they really make some great uniforms.