Keeping the Kids Busy and Active During the Easter Holidays

With Easter Fast Approaching I have been thinking of various ways I can keep my kids busy and active during their 2 week break from school. Both children have always had a preference for keeping busy at home with activities such as arts and crafts and creative writing. However, in recent months my son has expressed an interest in more adventurous, outdoor activities and I am keen to encourage this because I would like both children to spend more time outside, having fun and doing something a bit different.


We have discussed a few different ideas and the following are those he has expressed most interest in:


Camping overnight with friends:


The kids are still too young to camp alone but I have agreed to allow my son to camp in the back garden overnight with his friends. He wants to invite several friends and our tent is not big enough for this. There are some great tents available from millets and I am considering buying a large family tent so that we can all holiday together. Otherwise, I will ask his friends parents to bring tents over and they can set up a ‘camp’ in the back garden.



White Water Rafting:


Much to my horror, my son thinks this would be an excellent adventure sport to learn during his Easter holiday. I’ve had to remove this from his wish list, with the promise that I will reconsider it when he is older.


Quad Biking:


Quad biking also sounded terrifying to me at first but, after doing a little research, it seems that this can be a relatively safe pastime when the correct safety measures have been implemented. I have been looking for kids quad bikes for sale locally but have not found anything remotely close. A friend of mine, who also has a son interested in quad biking, has also been searching high and low for kids quad bikes for sale. Neither of us can afford to buy new kids quad bikes for sale, so we’re having to settle for some good quality secondhand ones and we have found a great selection available online at kids quad bikes for sale. We are both a little worried about buying secondhand quad bikes, for safety reasons. Therefore, we are trying to find someone who has two kids quad bikes for sale so that we can travel there together to check them out before we buy them.





My son already has a fairly decent mountain bike, which he barely uses. He would really like to use it more but he doesn’t enjoy cycling on the road and would like to use it for the purpose it was built – off-roading. I’m trying to find a local off-roading club because this is certainly not something that I fancy joining him on! Some cool examples can be found here... 


Pony Riding:


I never thought this would be something my son would enjoy but he would like to give it a go. His little sister would also like to join him, so it’s nice to find something that they can enjoy together. I am also a little nervous about the kids doing this because I have heard some horror stories about children being thrown from horses and injuring themselves badly. However, my husband insists that we mustn’t wrap the kids up in cotton wool and give them the freedom to try out new things.


The Labyrinth:


When I was my son’s age I spent much of the school holidays at a role playing centre in Kent called The Labyrinth. The Labyrinth contained a series of underground caves and my friends and I would join fellow players in games of combat. We would dress as our characters and learn about them so that we could really get into character whilst we were there.  During the weeks leading up to our trips to the Labyrinth, we would build weapons from plastic poles, foam and electrical tape. These looked like childish, amateur attempts at recreating the weapons used in the Gladiators televised combat show! Much to surprise, Labyrinth is still open today and my son is keen to try it out. What a trip down memory lane it would be for me to go back there. I can almost smell the dankness of those dimly lit caves just thinking about it.  I have some very fond memories of my days spent at the Labyrnth. Sessions are available for young adventurers between the ages of 11 and 15 every Saturday and also during the school holidays. If you would like to take your children there or if you yourself would like to attend one of the adult sessions, you can find all the information you need here: labyrinthe


I hope you have enjoyed reading about some of my son’s ideas for keeping busy during the Easter holidays.  If you have any ideas of your own then please let me know. Also, I would really love to hear from anyone who role-played as a child at Labyrinth between 1988 and 1993 as we may have just been sparring buddies!