Keep your children busy at home

Apart from the school, a large part of the education is done at home and it is difficult to intelligently keep your children busy, especially with all the new technologies of today: TV, internet, iPad, PlayStation or even smartphones. I try to keep away them to the maximum of its objects, but this is not always easy to have good ideas! So the best is to find fun activities to do with your kids. I have some examples to you:

Board games

Tip top clap

My 6 years old daughter received this gift to his birthday party and we have much played this weekend because we were in a close friend of mine whose daughter is 7 years old.

 Both girls love playing this game... and we moms, we also love the game!

TIP TOP CLAP is a game of cards which requires memorization. The principle is to reproduce in the correct order a series of cards to mimic without errors. Cards accumulate as the game and it becomes increasingly difficult to remember the entire suite. To spice up the whole, the cards are colorful and fun: we must each turn mimic a cat, a bird, a dog or type the foot and hand, or still shoot the tongue! Children laugh as much as they do work their memory... and the parents may be surprised not to have as much memory they believed :). This game is all the more interesting for family parties that children and parents are on an equal footing (I confess having lost more than a party!).

Tip Top Clap stimulates all the plans from memory: auditory, visual and body. It's quite amusing to develop strategies to remember as many cards as possible after... and see others develop their own strategy of memorization. You can play Tip Top Clap with 2 to 5 players and we can choose the duration of each game. Cards are good quality and the Holster to carry comes in handy (it already did quite a lot of kilometers with us!).

 A game that will trigger crises of laughter among childrens and adults, from 6 years old.

Game of bluff

Another good games we often play in family: A fantastic game of bluff where we have the right to lie... same children!  This is the game “what a liar this renart” 

Rule of the game: This is a game of bluff consisting of 52 cards representing 5 families (Renart, Ysengrin, traders, hunters and fish, from the Renart’s novel). There are also 8 cards traps to spice up a little the game with the older people! Each player receives the same number of cards. The first player take a card of his choice and Announces family of card (for example : hunters, green cards). Each player puts another card of the same family by top... but with the face hidden! And that is the whole point of the game: the player who put a card must announce the family of his card but he can lie and put any card he wants as the face of the cards is hidden! If one of the players think that the player who comes with his card lied, he said "liar". The player must then return his card. If he lied, he picks up the pile of cards. But if the accuser is wrong, it is he who picks up the cards. You'll understand: the winner is the player who gets rid of all his cards first! Cards traps are used to exchange cards or take more cards. A small dose of strategy is therefore useful to decide when play and against whom (to play smart, it is better to exchange its cards with one that has the least!).

The game is recommended from the age of 6 and it is possible to vary the rules to make it more accessible (playing with only 32 cards or removing cards traps for example).


Save money

No need to spend a lot of money in new board games. I’m sure you can find these two games on this second hand website with a lower price compare to a new one. If there isn’t these 2 games :  There are a lot of similar board game on this site. I often buy product on this kind of search engine and I do a lot of economics.



Introduce your children to the kitchen is a way to discover a world usually reserved for older. In preparing a dish or a dessert, they will have the satisfaction of completing a project, used kitchen tools reserved for adults. This activity will be resulted in a reward: the tasting in family. There are very well websites such s this one :  If you don’t have recipe ideas.