Home Schooling

The first point of entry into this new blog is going to talk a little bit about home schooling. Are you for or against it? It is something that I am seriously considering for my 2 children. I have been looking into the pros and cons  and I am very close to making a decision. My father was a very clever man and he always said he wished he had done it. My mother had a good job and could have supported us. I am fortunate in having a husband with a very good job, and my education was a pretty good one, so I would feel very comfortable, from an intelligence level educating my kids.


We could fit it into our schedules. Rules say there does not have to be a specific time or hours, and you do not need special permission from an LEA to educate your child at home. Obviously the biggest question mark comes with the social aspects of going to school with other children. Have any of you guys got any experience of that and what would you suggest to counteract that? I have read many reports that say it really isn’t a problem, but it would be nice to hear from somebody first hand.


Schools can be an amazing place if you “fit in” and you are not bullied, but they can also be one of the loneliest of places. My sister was bullied at school and it took her a long time to get over that. Probably the reason my father regrets not doing it.


It’s a big commitment but I am willing to do it for my children. Any thoughts??


Here is an infographic about the US