Flat Sharing

Flat Sharing

I’ve been living with my parents since I was, well, born I suppose but now it’s about time that I spread my wings and got somewhere away from the folks. I love them bless them, they have been really good to me but I need to be getting out there. As I’m a student and don’t have a lot of surplus cash, I’m going to go for a flat sharing scenario. It’s still means that I’m going to be living under the same roof as other people and won’t have completely my own space but at least it will be a fresh start and a bit different to living with the parents.

OK, there’s obviously both the good and the bad I suppose. I’ll be with people around my same age so my social life should be a lot more interesting, I just don’t want it to get too crazy so I don’t end up getting my studies done.


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I suppose everyone going to University has the same problem though. Whether you live on campus or whether you flat share elsewhere, if there’s a group living there that like to go out and party, it’s going to be pretty difficult to keep on saying no. I know the kind of personality I have too so that’s why I’m a little worried. Should I be? Am I just over thinking things? I know, I know, I know! Chill out and embrace it, that’s what my sister would say. Alright for her though, she partied and still got amazing grades. She was always the smart one.