Children at the centre of eduction.

So as I have already stated I am extremely passionate about education and I am open to all methods and ideas just so long as a child’s needs are at the forefront. I think that the most fundamental objective here is to ensure that our younger generations are given the opportunities and facilities to learn and progress. I have always believed that education is the answer to social inequality. It is the ability to learn that makes us so unique and gives us the freedom to express ourselves. Without this freedom we leave room for deprivation, manipulation and inequality.

The problem is, many western countries have placed so much importance on education systems they have lost sight of what education actually stands for. With how things stand at the moment, children who attend school often just become a product of various rules, regulations and statistics.

With this in mind, I have always been interested in how different countries and cultures tackle education and how this impacts upon their younger generations. One part of the world that seems to stand out amongst  others in their attitude and approach to teaching is Scandinavia and in particular Finland. From the research I have conducted it seems that Finland’s education system has the child at its centre and has used this notion to create something very powerful.

Schools in Finland are significantly smaller than in other countries which means that the teachers working there will know every student, not just by name but by interests, family and problems. The relationship between teacher and student is therefore highly regarded and is at the cornerstone of shaping a child’s educational experience. In comparison, many western schools are overrun with students and teachers struggle to remember names let alone the important details of a child’s life that can greatly impact upon how they learn and interact. It is sadly because of this that so many children dislike school and have little respect for their teachers and other students.