Children and museum
As a fan of museum, I often go with my family visit museums and I think it's a great way to learn different things to your children.
There is not really age to go to the Museum with yout children, but earlier a child takes the habit of going to the Museum and earlier it is possible to sensitize them to the art and heritage.
It is therefore not so much propose a culture of too theoretical and masterly art to children, but to invite them to discover, observe, ask question, and especially to feel the art works. The works represent a support for discussion and dialogue about an unlimited number of topics.

Museums are places of learning wholly: one of the functions of the Museum is to communicate its knowledge. The difficulty lies in the practice and educational choices, which must always adapt to the public.
Well aware of these issues, number of museums have developed an educational and educational offer stimulating, offering workshops for children, combining arts, tales or other activity and observation of the artworks exhibited. Others prefer to walk alone in the museum or have an interactive approach, while having fun. The digital accompaniment is also more present.
And what are the benefits of these learnings? Although few studies focus on target them, it can enumerate: the pleasure or displeasure experienced when visiting, self discovery as a visitor (that is learned!) and discovery in the Museum.
Without a doubt, this meeting with the art we makes it more conscious of our own responsibility for the preservation of cultural heritage. Neither nationalism nor absolved but awareness of the incredible wealth of humanity.