bamboo valance

bamboo valance


Hi folks, I would love to share with your my fetish for the good old window valance. It is a crying shame that they have lost favour in homes today, as in my humble opinion, they are the cornerstone of a quality home. They have many benefits and come variety of shapes and sizes as well as colors and styles. You can get an elegant look, basic look, or even a contemporary look with the use of window valances.


From a practice perspective, the  most popular benefits of a valance is the energy-saving benefit. A valence keeps the sun out and keeps a room cool. On the other hand, you might choose to let some sun if a room is too cold and the sun is out.


Most people like a certain amount of privacy, and a valance offers more privacy. Also, if you are heading away for a few days,  no one will know if you are home so could prevent a burglary.


A valance can add beauty and design to any room. They can create a very basic look to a very extravagant look or turn a basic room into a very elegant room. The design of a room can be influenced greatly with a valance. A valance can create a unique look and style to any room and are very affordable.


A bamboo valance is my favourite kind of window valance, as they are attractive, modern and an all natural and sustainable material. Bamboo fibre can come in many different styles from a smooth and silky cotton feel to a simple weave mat. The colours and styles are limitless.  


Do yourself a favour, check out to see what brilliant preloved valances are available and I promise it will improve the look and feel of your home.  

Bamboo Valance