After School Snacks

I’ve recently been pondering the subject of the importance of after school snacks for the kids. After a hard day of schooling, kids always come home feeling tired, a little cranky and most definitely needing a bit to eat. If I want them to do the best job possible of the bag full of homework that they naturally bring home with them every school night, I need to ensure that they get the best energy and concentration boost I can provide for them to see them through until dinner time. I have been experimenting with a number of different snacks (I am lucky that my two kids are not fussy eaters and have enjoyed all that they have been fed) and thought I would list them here along with what I feel to be their unique benefits.

  • Bananas - These give an instant dose of carbs resulting in increased mood and energy levels, perfect for a pre-homework snack! They are also jam packed full of the fibre, vitamins and nutrients that all growing kids need to stay healthy.

  • Whole Grain Cereal - This is just as good a after school snack as it is a breakfast food. With a dash of milk and no added sugar the healthy whole grains give the kids the boost they need to power through their homework until dinner. Fruit can be added for a twist.

  • Smoothies - Easy to whip up in our whip up in smoothy maker with some sugar-free yogurt and a handful of frozen fruit. The kids love them because the taste like milkshakes, but provide the energy and nutrients of a superfood!

  • Homemade Sweet Potato Crisps - Packed full of complex carbs, the sweet potatoes can be thinly sliced and batch baked prior to the kids arrival home. An excellent zero fat option instead of crisps.

What do you feed your kids after school? Drop me a line and share your snack recommendations!