You Like to Sew??

26/01/2016 Main

Hi everyone. Would just like to apologise for the lack of action on the blog front over recent times. It was a hectic Christmas period and there have been a number of other events throughout January so I just haven’t found the time to get stuck into another post. As you know my kids are at school and if you have read other posts of mine then it talks of the expense that every new school year brings: school uniforms. Some of us are not in the fortunate position where you can just go out and buy a new school uniform every time something rips or tears or whatever, so that has brought me to the crux of this entry; how can you fix these problems cheaply and hardily enough so the same doesn’t happen again the next time.

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North-South divide in Schools

01/12/2015 Main

North-South divide in Schools

So I’ve been reading up recently about some alarming news published by Ofsted about the disparity between the teaching standards in the North and South of England. The watchdog’s annual report shows that about a third of secondary schools in the North and Midlands do not meet the expected standards. As I have children who go to school in the Midlands, this has made me very concerned about the quality of education they are receiving. Maybe our local school does not fall into the underperforming bracket of schools but this is definitely something that I will be looking into. Read more

Caravanning in Europe During School Holidays

30/11/2015 Main

Caravanning in Europe During School Holidays!

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Marks & Spencer

13/11/2015 Main

School uniforms are becoming more expensive, especially if you want something half decent that will last longer than term or so. It would definitely be one advantage of home schooling if you didn’t have to fork out for uniforms, but then again there is the cost of books etc. Anyway, I am digressing from the purpose of this entry.

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Home Schooling

03/11/2015 Main

The first point of entry into this new blog is going to talk a little bit about home schooling. Are you for or against it? It is something that I am seriously considering for my 2 children. I have been looking into the pros and cons  and I am very close to making a decision. My father was a very clever man and he always said he wished he had done it. My mother had a good job and could have supported us. I am fortunate in having a husband with a very good job, and my education was a pretty good one, so I would feel very comfortable, from an intelligence level educating my kids.

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Blog Introduction

01/11/2015 Main

Welcome to my new blog all about schooling and the education system. As a parent it is something that I hold close to my heart as I want my children to get the best experience of schooling they can. I hope we can work together and advise and help one another.

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